photo albums 1978 - 1984

Baby Ribs 1983

I took the pictures of Fred's on the way to Mauthe lake in part and around our back yard for the other part. Fred the corner grocer always had a wreck parked out front of his store and also always had a hand painted sign sitting on top of that wreck usually advertising meat specials. Fred's father was usually active in the meat section in back. It's too bad abut Fred's not being accessible any more. Now we have to go to a supermarket to get our food. Bummer. So then there's also a shot or two of our back yard and one of Bill's back yard. Bill died this year of a heart attack. Was about a year away from retirement I believe. Used to sit out in the yard in front of the garage with his lawn chair and his wife Ruth and they would both suck down some liquor. I imagine it was liquor. It was brown and it wasn't coke and it made bill slur his words. so I guess it was liquor. Sometimes they would also drink beer. and then we would talk across the tops of the bushes or through them if we were out in the yard. But we don't live there any more. Nice place it was.

Addendum 2002. Don't know what happened there, but I must have had some bad developer because the pictures came out real low contrast.

Bill also had bought this Chrysler at some point brand new. The car talked and he was real proud of that. Told him that the door was open and stuff like that. I think that was right after they had invented speech synthesis chips. Probably was also inspired by Kitt the talking car on TV, David Hasselhof's co-star. That was before Bay Watch.

Baby ribs.

The entrance to Fred's.

Fred's neighbor Al's.

Looking down 53rd street toward Fred's.

Our car.

Bill and Ruth's lawn chairs.

The peonies next to our garage.

Our neighbor's peonies.

Our neighbor's yard to the south. Grumpy old lady.