The Aleutian Kayak
Basic Construction
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Notes on the first edition of The Aleutian Kayak

Introduction to the online manual

The Aleutian Kayak

The Aleutian Kayak was one of the first comprehensive manuals on traditional native kayak construction published in the United States. The book was published in 1995 and went out of print in 2004. This page is your starting point for the online edition which is being released in serial fashion as chapters are completed.
From the Publisher
For true traditionalists, here are the first complete plans and detailed building instructions for authentic Aleutian Kayak, the ancient voyaging and hunting craft of the nomadic Unangan of Alaska. Based on originals in museums in Oregon and California, these lightweight (35 Pounds, 17 feet long) skin-on-frame sea kayaks can be built to fit the owner's exact dimensions, using simple hand tools and readily obtainable materials, for less than $200, including paddles,spray skirt, and traditional paddling jacket. Known as Baidarkas among the Russian settlers of Alaska, these unique native American craft evolved over centuries to carry heavy loads swiftly over long distances in wind and wave, ideal for modern sea kayakers looking for an alternative to plastic replicas of short-range Greenland-style boats.
Notes on the First Edition

Since I have published the first edition of The Aleutian Kayak, I have had more experience building and done more research and have gotten feedback from readers and students. For all the people who own a copy of the first edition and all those who intend to buy a used copy of the first edition, here is a summary of things in the first edition that I would change.

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