Greenland Kayak Process
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Greenland Kayak Building Day 2

This page shows day 2 of building a Greenland kayak.

Day 2
On day two, with all the marking on the gunwales done and the rib mortises cut, we separate the gunwales and spread them to define the shape of the deck and then start installing deck beams.

We cut the ends of the gunwales at an angle.

We plane the ends of the gunwales so they have good contact once we spread the gunwales.

Now we spread the gunwales. This defines the basic shape of the deck as viewed from above. The central spreader sets the maximum width of the boat. The lashings near the bow and stern create the familiar pinched in shape of the ends of Greenland kayaks.

With the shape of the deck established, we dowel the ends of the gunwales to lock them firmly in place. Dowels are just slighly larger than the holes they go into so they are firmly locked in place. No glue is used.

When all the dowels are in place, we saw the ends flush with the surface of the gunwales.

Deckbeams are cut and set into the deck and temporarily nailed in place. At this point the angle of the gunwales with respect to the vertical is not yet set. We set the final angle by tightening up the windlasses made of rope and scrap lumber. This increases the angle and at the same time brings up the ends of the boat.

When the angle of the gunwales is set, we fix it in place by pulling nails that hold in the deck beams and drill holes to accept the dowels that replace the nails.

Dowels are hammered into place, two on each end of each deck beam.

Now is a good time for the builders to show off their decks.

And we can try to visualize the view from the cockpit.

Days 3 and 4

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