Greenland Kayak Process
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The Greenland kayak building process illustrated:
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Greenland Kayak Building Day 7

This page shows day 7 of building a Greenland kayak.

Before putting on the skin, Glen tries out his boat one more time in dry dock, low brace, leaning on the rail.

And the view from the back, paddling into the early morning sun.

And now down to business. Step 1 in the skinning process is to drape the nylon fabric over the frame.

Then we sew around one end to hook the fabric into place.

After one end is sewn, we stretch the fabric lengthwise, then sew the other end. Here Tony is doing the stretching on his boat. His assistant, not visible here is holding on to the other end of the boat while Tony stretches for all he's got.

And here the skin is in place. At this point, it is just sewed at the bow and stern. Next we flip the boat over and trim off excess fabric and start sewing a seam down the middle of the deck.

The seam is done in two parts. First the two flaps of skin are sewn face to face, then rolled over and sewn down on the deck with a curved needle as shown in this picture.

Glen is finishing up the second seam on the bow of his boat.

And this is how the boat looks with skin.

Once the deck seam is done we center the coaming on the cockpit and clamp it in place so we can sew it to the skin.

And the view of the interior of the boat with the skin on.

And Tony finishes the last of his sewing by lamp light.

After all the sewing is done, we hose down the skin with water and then let it dry after which it becomes drum tight.

Day 8

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