Greenland Kayak Process
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The Greenland kayak building process illustrated:
Day 1

Day 2

Days 3 and 4

Days 5 and 6

Day 7

Day 8

Day 9

Greenland Kayak Building Day 8

On day 8 we paint the skin, put on deck straps and toggles as well as keel strips.

Here we are mixing up the two part urethane which waterproofs the skin and fills in the weave to give the boat a smooth finish.

Glen varnishing and sporting proper protective gear.

Tony in addition to mask and gloves also sports a hat to completely conceal his identity.

We are fitting the boat for deck straps which among other things can be used to hold a spare paddle.

Deck straps and toggles on a Greenland kayak are traditionally arranged so that the hunter can shove his paddle under the toggles and use it as an outrigger to steady the boat while he tends to his game.

And we add a keelstrip at both ends of the boat to protect the skin from abrasion. The keelstrip is a piece of hardwood that is bent into place and then pegged to the frame of the boat with wooden pegs.

Day 9

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