Greenland Kayak Process
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Greenland Kayak Building Days 3 and 4

This page illustrates days 3 and 4 of building a Greenland kayak.

Day 3

After all the deckbeams are pegged to the gunwales we also lash them to the gunwales so they won't pull apart under the stresses of paddling.

We install the keelson with three spacers to establish the depth of the boat. The boat is roughly two inches deeper in the front than in the back. Also note the rocker or curvature in the keelson.

Day 4

We add a stemboard to the front of the boat to support the keelson in the bow area and to provide a transition between the deck and the keelson.

We do the same in the stern of the boat. The board is attached to the gunwales with three sets of lashings and to the keelson with dowels.

The boat is now set for ribs. At this point we also make final adjustments to the curvature of the keelson.

We lay out the rib blanks on the boat and mark them for width. After we steam them, we press them into the boat and clamp them to the gunwales where they can cool down and the shape can set after which we can trim them to length and insert them in their mortises.

Days 5 and 6

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