Greenland Kayak Process
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The Greenland kayak building process illustrated:
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Greenland Kayak Building Days 5 and 6

This page shows days 5 and 6 of building a Greenland kayak.

Day 5

All the ribs are in place in their mortises. Now we add the hull stringers, the longitudinal pieces of wood that define the outside bottom edge of the Greenland kayak. We clamp them to the ribs and adjust their position to get them ready for lashing.

Tony is drilling lashing holes in the keelson. Both the keelson and the chine stringers are drilled and then lashed to the ribs. This holds the keelson and stringers in place on the ribs.

Day 6

We have added the masik, the curved deck beam behind the knee brace. The masik supports the front of the cockpit coaming.

We have added a simple pulley system consisting of two rings and a rope. This pulley lets us pull floatation bags into the hull of the boat once the skin is in place. This picture also shows the lashings that hold the ribs to the keelson and the stringers.

At this point the frame is finished and Glen does a final fitting to make sure that everything is where it should be. Feet are on the foot brace and the knee brace is just behind the knee caps. The back brace is set several inches behind Glen's back to allow for a bigger cockpit. This makes getting in and out of the boat easier and allows the cockpit to be fit with a commercial spray skirt. Glen will later add a back band to support his back.

When the frame is done, we varnish or oil it before putting on our skin.

Day 7

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