Paddle Making Classes

Paddle Making Classes

Instructor: Wolfgang Brinck. Boatbuilder since 1987. Author of The Aleutian Kayak.
Class Fee: $300
Class Duration: 6 to 8 hours, depending on the paddle and how fast you work.
Where? The class will be held at Wolfgang’s shop in Alameda or at a CCK location.
When? Check website for times or arrange a time by contacting Wolfgang directly.
Where do I sign up? Contact Wolfgang Brinck, 510 846-5488 or
What kind of paddles can I make?
You can make a Greenland style paddle or Aleutian style paddle or hybrid of your choice.
Why make my own paddle?
Having a paddle that is tuned specifically to your paddling needs can greatly increase your paddling enjoyment. Also, once you have made your own paddle, you will have a better understanding of paddle dynamics and will be able to make each new paddle more finely tuned to your needs.
What skills and tools do I need?
We provide all your tools and will teach you the skills you will need to make your paddle. You will be doing some sawing and a lot of planning with a hand plane.
What will I learn?
You will learn details of paddle design and how they impact paddle performance. If you are not a woodworker, you will also become familiar with wood grain and how it interacts with your tools.
How big is the paddle?
The paddle is sized to your needs and the size of your boat. The length of the loom is determined by your shoulder width and the width of your boat. Blade length is determined by how much water you want to move. A typical Greenland paddle has a 21 inch loom and is 88 inches long overall. Blades are 3-1/2 inches wide. A typical Aleut paddle has a 23 inch loom and is 92 inches long overall. Blades are 3-3/4 inches wide.
What is the paddle made out of?
The paddle is made primarily of Sitka spruce sometimes laminated with other woods for strength.

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