Wolfgang Brinck
Contact and Directions

Contact Info for Wolfgang Brinck

Cell Phone: 510.846.5488
Mailing Address: 1615 Seaborn Court, Alameda CA 94501
Shop Address: 1701 Monarch St, Alameda CA 94501
email: my first name followed by nomadic at gmail dot com

Directions to the Workshop

I don't keep regular hours at the shop so if you plan on visiting me, call ahead.

If you enter the address, 1701 Monarch, Alameda CA 94501 into any of the map programs, they will get you there. If you don't have a smart phone or GPS, try the instructions below.

The picture above is an aerial photo of the west end of Alameda. Use a map or a map program to get to Alameda. Once there, head for the west end of town, that's the side of Alameda closest to San Francisco.

If you're coming through the Webster tube, turn right on Atlantic and head west. That takes you to where the picture above picks up the trail. Atlantic has been renamed Frank Appezato Parkway in case you don't see a sign for Atlantic. Then follow the pink line.

Here's some photos of landmarks as you're approaching the shop.

After you've taken Atlantic all the way to the end, turn right on Ferry point which gives you the view above. Ferry point turns left onto Tower which is just ahead.

Go down Tower. Hangars on both sides. When you get to the hangar at the end of Tower, stop and turn left.

You are now headed south. If it wasn't for all the cyclone fences you could drive straight til you got to the shop. Instead you have to go through the gate in the fence.

After you've gone through the first gate in the chain link fence drive straight ahead. This takes you to another chain link fence with a gap in it. Got through the gap and keep driving straight ahead.

After you go through the second fence, this is what you're looking at. Drive ahead to the building in the distance on the right.

You have arrived at building 29 at 1701 Morarch. Park outside the fence to the left of the sign. Parking inside the fence is not recommended. There's lots of screws and nails on the ground and people get flats. Walk in the front door and ask for Wolfgang.


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