Where to Find Good Info About Kayaks and Canoes

This is the go to page for everything I know about kayaks and to a lesser extent about canoes. If I don't have a link to it here, it's most likely that I don't know about it. This is the page I send people to when they want to know something about kayaks like where to get plans and so on.

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If you've got a question that you can't find an answer to among the links given here, try Google or whatever other search tool you favor. The problem with searching is that searches turn up lots of links, many of them probably not relevant. You can try emailing me if your other searches fail you.

Links to Info on This Website


Kayaking provides some tips on the practice of kayaking.

Boat Building

Boatbuiling provides an overview of what's involved in building a kayak.


Baidarkas gives an overview of the Aleutian kayak, or iqyax^ in the Aleutian language.

Wood Lore

Woodlore provides and overview of wood in general and more specifically wood used in kayak building.


The bibliography has a list of books related to kayaks and canoes.


The glossary is a list of boaty terms that you might not be familiar with.

Harvey Golden's Website

Harvey Golden is a kayak researcher and author and a builder of kayak replicas. He has documented a number of his kayak replication experiments on his website. You can also order his two books, Kayaks of Greenland and Kayakas of Alaska from him.

David Zimmerly's Website

David Zimmerly has plans for a number of Alaskan and Siberian kayaks on his website along with pdfs of articles he has written for magazines.


Qajaqusa is a website devoted to all aspects of Greenland kayaking.


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