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Breakdown Aleut Paddle

This is a breakdown version of the ridged Aleut paddle. The two halves of the paddle are joined by a carbon fiber ferrule. This paddle is ideal for travelers who want an Aleut style paddle to accompany their folding kayak or for paddlers going on vacation where they expect to be able to rent a suitable kayak but want to have their own Aleut paddle with them.

The carbon fiber ferrule is of the same construction and strength as you get in conventional carbon fiber breakdown paddles. The loom of the wooden paddle is joined to the ferrule with epoxy.

Total length - 92" or custom length. Maximum blade width 3-3/4". Loom - 1-1/4" round. Ferrule - length assembled - 14" three position, featherd left, unfeathered and feathered right. Composition - carbon fiber with stainless steel lock.
Price - $320


End view.


Three quarter view closeup of the loom area.

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