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Aleut Paddles

Aleut paddles are ideally suited for cruising. Aleut paddles have a central ridge which stiffens the blade while letting the rest of the blade be relatively thin to give the paddle an overall low weight.

But the central ridge that runs down the length of the blade does more than give the paddle a combination of strength and light weight. The ridge also controls the flow of water over the face of the blade. When you use an Aleut paddle with the ridge facing backward, the ridge evenly divides the flow of water over the two halves of the blade. If you pull a flat faced paddle blade through the water, the blade alternately wants to slip right and then left and then back again, making the paddle flutter. The central ridge prevents this and gives you a solid steady stroke. While it is not impossible to paddle a flat faced paddle, you need to maintain a tight grip on it to prevent it from fluttering. Having the central ridge lets you keep a looser grip on the paddle and lets you put all your energy into forward propulsion.

Sizing Aleut Paddles

Our Aleut paddles have a 22 inch loom as a standard size. This size loom allows you to have comfortable hand separation for boats with a beam from 21 to 24 inches. Your hands rest partly on the loom and partly on the root of the blades when you are paddling. If you need a longer loom, let me know. Paddle blades are 34 inches long to give the shorter paddle a length of 90 inches and the longer paddle an overall length of 92 inches. Width of the blades at their widest point is 3-3/4 inches.




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