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Ridged Aleut Paddle

The ridged Aleut paddle is a good choice for general kayak cruising. The central ridge stabilizes flow of water around the paddle and prevents flutter, leaving you free to put all your energy into forward propulsion. Unangan (Aleut) paddlers used to routinely paddle 12 to 16 hours at a stretch with these paddles.

This particular paddle is made with a douglas fir center for strength and spruce blade wings for light weight.

Total length - 90"
Maximum blade width 3-3/4"
Loom height - 1-1/4. Width - 1-1/8" Length - 22"
Price - $260


End view showing the center ridge and distinct transition between loom and paddle blade.


Three quarter view showing the taper of the central ridge from the loom down to the tip of the blade.

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