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Unshouldered Bent Shaft Greenland Paddle

The bent shaft paddle is a variation on the straight Greenland paddle and has sometimes been found in East Greenland. Some researchers claim that the bent shaft paddles were simply straight paddles that had warped. However, if that was the case they should have been found in West Greenland as well, and as far as I know, they haven't.

The amount of bending in the shaft is fairly small; the ends of the paddles are out of line with straight by only 3/8 to 1/2 of an inch, but this is enough to give these paddles a decidedly different feel from their straight cousins.

The bent shaft paddle is still by and large a paddle with a Greenland feel to it, except that the slight offset of the blades makes them flow into the sideways slicing stroke very naturally. Even if you pull this paddle straight back in the water, there is less tendency to flutter than with a straight Greenland paddle.

Total length - 88"
Maximum blade width 3-1/2"
Loom height - 1-1/4. Width - 1-1/8" Length - 22"
Price - $260


End view showing hour glass shape of the unshouldered paddle.


Three quarter view showing the paddle with the back, or bent side up. The front, straight side is facing down. The plane of the front paddle face is all in a line while the plane of the back paddle paddle face slopes up toward the loom. The paddle is held with the straight face forward (no pun intended.)

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