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Cold water clothing and gear

Cold water paddling tips

Tales of cold water survival

Greenland paddling


This section is about the how-to of skin boats. Here you will find out what to do with your boat once you've built it.

Rolling and paddling videos
This section is still evolving while we shoot videos and find the best way to present them to you. In the meantime, check out the video clips that we've got so far.

Cold weather gear and practice
Find out what it takes to paddle in really cold weather and come back home alive.

Find out how to dress for cold water.

When the water gets to where you can just about walk on it, proper outerwear is a must. But there is good news, kayakers: water does not get any colder than 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

Visit this page to get some tips on skills you need for cold weather paddling.

Cold weather has its pluses, like for instance here where the water has turned lumpy in places, providing convenitent resting places for kayakers.

Sometimes the right gear will save your life even if your skills aren't up to conditions. Read a tale of cold water survival.

Paddling on a 15 degree day, kind of a Shackleton of the Antarctic re-enactment.

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