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We have several rolling clips available. Due to problems that some browsers have with certain proprietary file formats, I have set this page up to play the video clips in whatever application you have on your computer that matches the clip's file type.

Homage to Greenland
The rolls in these clips are primarily done with a Greenland style kayak and a Greenland style paddle and a Greenland style paddling jacket. This doesn't necessarily mean that all these rolls are Greenland style rolls. They may however have been influenced by various videos I have seen, primarily Greenlanders at Kodiak, produced by John Heath.

And just as I want to give credit to the Greenlanders for inventing a vast array of rolls, I likewise want to point out that flaws or bad form in any of these rolls are my own invention. Neither do I claim that all of the rolls presented in these video clips are standard Greenland rolls. I make no pretension to orthodoxy.

We, that is, my paddling partner Marty Honel and I worked out most of these rolls over a period of years and I have him to thank for always pushing me to try something new. If it wasn't for Marty, I would probably still only have one roll.

The lost paddle roll
In this roll you capsize while the paddle stays on the kayak. After coming around, you reach for the paddle and roll up one handed.

Lost paddle clip - Windows wmv format, 411 kb.

The backward roll
In this roll, you capsize with the extended paddle pointing toward the stern. After coming around, you sweep forward to roll up.

Backward roll clip - Windows wmv format, 274 kb.

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