Canoe Restoration
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Boat restoration

A Wood and Canvas Canoe Restoration

This canoe belonged to the father of my client. The boat had been in the family for decades and was languishing in a garage. Its owner decided to have me bring it back to life.

A picture of the canoe with old canvas skin stripped off.

The inside of the canoe was covered in several layers of blistering varnish. Removing the old varnish was perhaps the most odious part of the job.

The ribs of the boat are covered in cedar planks and must be covered with a skin to be made waterproof.

A view of the interior stripped of its old varnish.

Once the interior was varnished the new skin was tacked to the outside of the hull

Prior to painting, the skin was sealed to make it smooth.

A view from the bow of the painted boat with the brass trim polished.

A smiling owner in front of his restored canoe.

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