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Restoring a Wood and Canvas Canoe
Restoring a Stitch and Glue Kayak

Boat Restoration

If you have an old wooden canoe or kayak that you would like to bring back into service but have neither the time nor the inclination to do all the dirty work by yourself, consider having me do it. Here are just some of the types of boats that can be restored either as display pieces to hang up in a den or living room or as boats that can be taken on the water again.

Bring your old boat to the shop and I will look at it free of charge and let you know what can be done with it.

  • Wood and Canvas Canoe.
    These canoes were factory produced until about the 1950's when aluminum and plastic canoes started replacing them.
  • Strip Boats
    These boats are made of narrow strips of cedar glued edge to edge and covered with fiberglass cloth and epoxy.
  • Stitch and Glue boats.
    These boats are made of thin sheets of mahogany plywood glued edge to edge and covered in fiberglass cloth and epoxy.
  • Wooden Framed Fold Boats.
    If you have an old folding kayak with a wooden frame and would like to bring it back to life, bring it on by.
  • Skin on Frame Kayaks
    Skin on frame boats have a fabric stretched over a wooden framework. Most commonly, the skin needs repair. If the frame is damaged, the skin would need to be replaced as well.

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