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Boat restoration

Stitch and Glue Kayak Repair

If you've built your own stitch and glue kayak, you will no doubt know how to repair it. But perhaps you don't have the time or the space to do it now, or all your epoxy is gone and you don't want to buy any more. Or perhaps you've bought a stitch and glue boat or have inherited it and don't know how to fix it. If so, bring your boat to our shop and we will quote you repair prices.

Kayak repaired after 65 mph launch off the roof of a car

This particular kayak had launched itself off the roof of its owner's car at 65mph after a strong gust of wind broke the mounting hardware of the side saddle cradle that held it to the roof rack.

Damage to the kayak was surprisingly minor, mostly bad scrapes and one crack about an arm long. After application of epoxy and replacement of glass cloth in various places and the rebuilding of the nose, the kayak was once again to hit the water.

The owner in the meantime has gotten a new roof mounting system that will not fall apart in crosswinds.

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