Wood Lore
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Suitable Wood
ideal for building kayaks and wood that is acceptable.

Wood Terminology
in which we discuss concepts you are likely to encounter when visiting a lumber yard.

Scrounged Wood
supposing that you don't want to buy new wood but would rather find your own lying about or still connected to its roots.

Wood Lore

Where we discuss various aspects of wood and lumber as it relates to the building of kayaks. Various additional pages will cover specifics such as terminology you are likely to encounter when talking to lumber people, the ins and outs of procuring wood at places other than a lumber yard and more.

People tend to have strong opinions about what sort of wood is right for building boats. I tend to use whatever wood is available to me, but through trial and error have found that some species are more suitable than others.

In the realm of boats that sit in the water and don't get pulled out to dry there are certain species of wood that are more suitable than others. Kayaks, however get pulled out of the water after use and are allowed to dry so that some of the woods that aren't suitable for traditional boat building are passably acceptable for kayak building.

Kayaks, being portable boats should be built light in weight. Nevertheless, they also need to be sufficiently strong to hold their shape and be able to absorb the shock of landing on rocky beaches and the bumping and banging they are likely to receive in transport.

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