Scrounged Wood
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Scrounged Wood
supposing that you don't want to buy new wood but would rather find your own lying about or still connected to its roots.

Scrounged Wood

Before there were lumber yards, all kayaks were built from scrounged wood. But as soon as sawn lumber became available, builders started using it because of its convenience.

Convenience is still an issue for modern builders, but scrounging wood is also fun and instructive if you have some time on your hands and don't have to have your wood right now.

Wood scrounging can take many forms, from beachcombing to dumpster diving to salvaging from demolition sites to doing your own logging. And for the less ambitious there are even used lumber stores. The gathering of wood like everything else in modern society is subject to a myriad of laws. Certainly you should familiarize yourself with the legal status of your gathering activities. Fees and permits may be involved as well as bag limits. Sometimes you simply have to ask for permission. And sometimes the gathering of wood may simply be illegal. So use your judgement.

The re-use of wood is certainly commendable. It saves the cutting of new wood and often, old wood is of better quality than wood newly cut.

Wood scrounging is especially effective for the shorter members of your boat such as deck beams. Judicious cutting even of knotty boards can still give you useful knot free sections.

And used wood has certain merits. For one thing, it has stabilized. New wood is often not adequately seasoned and will warp and twist after you bring it home or even as you cut it.

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