the reality studio


new realities for a better tomorrow Artists, writers and other creative people are in charge of the reality studio. Artists have a pipe to the future. They open up the pipe and bring things back from the future, like how stuff is going to look in the future. Until artists paint something, nobody else can see it. Who knew that shadows were blue until the impressionists painted them that way. Large parts of the American plains were invisible for a long time because artists couldn't figure out how to paint them. That is being rectified now, although by photographers mostly. They are choosing what to point their cameras at. Once they have photographed something, it becomes visible to the rest of us. Robert Frank photographed the Americans and called his book, The Americans. So that is what Americans will look like. Likewise Walker Evans defined the look of the depression and American poverty. If it wasn't for artists, you couldn't see a thing. Everything would forever be invisible.

william s. burroughs on the role of the writer in the creation of new realities:

"Writers are, in a way, very powerful indeed. They write the script for the reality film. Kerouac opened a million coffee bars and sold a million pairs of Levis to both sexes. Woodstock rises from his pages. Now if writers could get together into a real tight union, we'd have the world right by the words. We could write our own universes, and they would all be as real as a coffee bar or a pair of Levis or a prom in the Jazz Age. Writers could take over the reality studio. So they must not be allowed to find out that they can make it happen. Kerouac understood this long before I did. Life is a dream, he said."

That's right, writers write the script and artists paint the backdrops for the reality film. Photographers choose the camera angles and actors interpret the lines. And when people leave the theater, they know how things should be.

William S. Burroughs